Steps of faith

Based on the feedback that I received from Sunday’s sermon, many of you resonated with the analogy of the Fitbit and the Holy Spirit. Disregarding any concern for pressing an analogy too far, I want to offer another practical application suggested by the analogy.

Let me describe a scenario that happens to me, oh, I’d say a half-dozen times every day. You’re sitting in the chair thinking, “Gosh, I’d really like a glass of water…if only I didn’t have to get up.”

Or you get to your bedroom and think, “Shucks, I forgot to grab socks in the basement laundry room.”

Or your spouse asks, “Hey, could you run downstairs and get my phone?”

Or your son asks, “Would you please come help me get a glass down from the cupboard?”

There are a dozen audibles that we all have to call every day—tiny interruptions that can easily put you in a sour mood. They can do that to me, anyway.

The Fitbit has helped to give me a different perspective on these little interruptions. It’s training me to recognize that these “interruptions” are also a chance for me to squeeze in a few more steps.

Instead of a nuisance, it’s an opportunity.

Those same nuisances-turned-opportunities can benefit us spiritually as well as physically.

What if you looked at that inopportune phone call or unexpected construction as a divine interruption?

The Scriptures are filled with stories of people being knocked off their horse—literally. Saul on the road to Tarsus may be the most famous example. But think of Balaam and his talking donkey, or—for that matter—Mary and her angelic visitor.

It goes without saying that God does not operate according to our schedules, and yet often we expect Him to do just that. I encourage you this week, when you’re inevitably interrupted, to remember the “Faithbit” of your Holy Spirit, and ask, “Lord, what are you up to here?”

You may take a few more steps of faith in the process.

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