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Are you a pastor, a church worker, or baptized member of a congregation who longs to reach lost people with the saving message of Jesus? The fact that people you know who don’t know Jesus will perish unless they come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior—does this break your heart? Does it keep you up at night that more than 4 billion people on this planet will face an eternity separated from God in eternal torment unless we reach them with the gospel?

Every believer is called to walk with Jesus as his committed disciple and answer his call to make disciples and multiply Christ’s church wherever God has placed him or her. To that end, Glocal Mission wants to help you.

From Pastor Reinke

I’m a pastor who has been serving for over 25 years in the ministry of the LCMS and have served as District Secretary for the Northwest District for the last 9 years. Recently, God has been breaking my heart for the lost. Some of my own close family members do not know Jesus. There are many more who reside in our cities, regions, and around the world who do not believe in Jesus. God has convicted me that churches in America have lost sight of intentionally reaching the lost in ways that multiply rather than merely add disciples. I have had to repent of my own inaction and inattention to this area.

Last year, God connected me with Rev. Dr. David Kim of Glocal Mission who shared a vision of urgency and conviction. Dr. Kim is from South Korea and served as a missionary in Ecuador for 12 years, developing a model of discipleship multiplication based on Jesus’ model in the New Testament. He is an LCMS pastor and has served as a mission director and leader for LINC Houston in the past for nine years. He is no longer working with LINC, but is now the founder and president of Glocal Mission. Dr. Kim challenged me and others about whether we wanted to be part of God’s Great “CO-Mission” church, or part of a Great “O-Mission” church. Dr. Kim invited me into a strong discipleship process under his leadership. Through that discipleship partnership, a Missionary Training School was born that has stirred my heart along with other students to be catalyst leaders who are intentional about making disciples who make disciples. That training is changing my life and is resetting my vision for how I will spend the rest of my life.

Along with other pastors, leaders, and members, God is opening the doors for greater mission work to be done in local and global communities. In two years since Glocal Mission became operational, 20,320 people in need were served, 11,456 people heard the gospel, 384 unbelievers have been converted to Christ, 216 people have been baptized, 449 disciple makers have been formed, 154 are students in Bible

Institutes and in our Seminaries, and 7 churches have been planted. All of this happened with disciples in more than 15 countries.

The principles of the Missionary Training School are simple, Christ-centered, Mission-focused, and very intentional to seek the lost, reach the found, and multiply disciple-makers and churches both locally and globally. This is the mission we are all called to do. I hope you will sign up today to become trained through the Missionary Training School and be an active participant in God’s Great Commission Church.

Rev. Langdon Reinke, pastor at Beautiful Savior, Spokane, WA, and Glocal Mission Regional Coordinator


Sign-up TODAY for our second Glocal Missionary Training School which begins September 3rd!

Here is everything you need to know!

Purpose                         To help you become an everyday missionary-evangelist-disciple maker wherever God has placed you in life!

Dates                              September 3, 2019 – December 10, 2020

Classes                           Tuesdays from 6-8pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Format                           Either online or on campus

Campus Gatherings  Beautiful Savior, Spokane, WA

Mission Trip                 Short-term mission trip (Location TBD)

Cost                                 $200 (excluding the cost of the mission trip)
Note: Scholarships are available through BSLC. Talk to us! Don’t let the price be the reason you don’t participate.

Includes                         4 months of Biblical and hands-on mission training

Monthly immersion events where you practice the learned missional habits Trainings on 15 different missional topics

GMTS Textbook and handouts

Sign-up                          Email davidkim@glocalmission.org

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Call the church office at (509) 747-6808, or fill out this short form to have us reach out by email.

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