October 11 | 19th Sunday After Pentecost

This service was live streamed on Sunday, October 11, at 8 am. Please join us for worship here, on our Facebook page, facebook.com/BSLCSpokane, or on our YouTube Channel.

Download a worship folder to go along with this service.
Worship Folder for October 11, regular formatting
Worship Folder for October 11, booklet formatting (for printing double-sided, flip on short side, then fold in half)

Children’s Bulletins are also available to go with this service:
Ages 3-6
Ages 7+

Don’t have a printer at home? Online games connected with this Sunday’s readings are available at games.childrensbulletins.com.

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  1. Posting for Kathleen: She would like to sing more verses of the hymns.


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