February 27th || Transfiguration Sunday

This video was live-streamed Sunday, February 27th at 8:00am. We are now streaming through communion and invite you to partake of the Lord’s supper with us. Please join us for weekly live-streams on our Facebook page: facebook.com/BSLCSpokane

Sermon: “Knowledge puffs up; Love builds up” with Reverend Langdon Reinke

Special music with Julia Staben and Floyd Czoski Huge special thanks to Jackie Druckhammer for the years of ministry as the DCE (Director of Christian Education) for Beautiful Savior. We wish you and your family the best on your next adventure!

Go in peace and serve the Lord!

Download the bulletin and program for the service here:

Bulletin 2.27.2022

Program 2.27.2022

Children’s Bulletins are also available to go with this service:

Children’s 3+

Children’s 7+

Don’t have a printer at home? Online games connected with this Sunday’s readings are available at games.childrensbulletins.com.

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